Want to know how much you could make working in the the marketing industry? Or what the average salary ranges for different roles are?

There are a wide range of jobs in marketing, and pay varies significantly based on job title.

Below, we have collected data on salaries in the marketing industry, based on the job adverts we posted in 2018-19, and the comparison with 2017-18.

The table above shows the percentage difference in average salaries per category year on year.

As we can see, the category which experienced the highest growth, according to the jobs recruiters posted in 2019, was Mobile Marketing jobs. The average salary for these roles increased by 35.43%.

The category with the second highest increase was Marketing and Sales roles (18.08%), and the average salary for SEO and PPC roles rose by 17.82%.

The average salary for Direct Marketing jobs increased by 14.13%, and Marketing Director jobs increased by 12.12%.

The category which experienced the largest decrease in average salary in 2019 was Fundraising roles. This was followed by Sponsorship Marketing jobs – the average salary decreased by 19.97%.

Marketing Executive jobs increased by 0.37%, and salaries for Product Development jobs decreased by 2.71%.

The average salary for Graduate Marketing jobs decreased by 11.14%.


To see the full breakdown, download our salary report in full now:

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