The number of applications we have received this month are the highest February total for quite some time – see for yourself:

2012 – 5,611
2013 – 6,328
2014 – 5,425
2015 – 7,714

That’s a year-on-year growth of over 42%!


We think there’s a number of factors that have contributed to these great statistics…

1. Economic growth. With the economy continuing to grow, it’s good news for companies and jobseekers alike, as new roles are created, and employees are more confident in making the leap to a new company. This means that we’re getting a increasing number of roles advertised on our site, giving jobseekers much more choice in their search for a new challenge.

2. Growth in the Simply Marketing Jobs team. Thanks to the above effects, our own team is growing too! That means we’re able to connect with our candidates and customers more frequently and provide a more bespoke service to each individual. We’re also able to resolve problems and make improvements our services in a much shorter time-frame, giving all our visitors a much better experience.

3. The introduction of our mobile site. Our new-look, responsive site has now been live  for a little over 3 months, and has so far proved to be a resounding success. It is a well-documented fact that candidates are increasingly searching for jobs on their smartphones, and our recent developments mean that it is as easy on mobile as it is on desktop. We’ve noticed an marked increase in the number of applications as demonstrated above, but also in the conversion rate. That means that more jobseekers that visit our site are applying for at least one job before leaving.

Got a marketing role to advertise? Call us on 01772 639042  and share in our success!

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