Those with market research jobs are primarily concerned with using various market research methods to gain commercial insight for the benefit of sales and marketing departments. Research data about the current market can be used to gain feedback on a previous product or service, improve an existing product or help to shape and develop a brand new product or service to be introduced. Many companies take market research very seriously as new products can cost millions of pounds to introduce and this makes market research jobs some of the most important marketing jobs.


Market Research Jobs Guide

Market research jobs can involve a number of different methods that are used to gain the relevant information. Often these methods vary, depending on the type of market that is being researched.
For instance, for the ecommerce market, the majority of market research jobs will be involved with doing online surveys and probably more importantly analysing internet traffic and usage data which can be immensely powerful when it comes to determining the state of the market and how to best appeal to the market. This is termed as quantitative research.

People that are good at these market research jobs often require excellent organisational and mathematical skills as well as a methodical approach to analysing data. Market researchers must be able to recognise trends and then present these in a digestible form to other commercial departments within the business.

Many market research jobs are also concerned with what is known as qualitative research. Those with these marketing jobs will analyse their findings with regards to people’s attitudes and motivations to use a product. These market research jobs require people to conduct interviews (either in person on via telephone/online), host focus groups and even observe people in certain situations such as in shops or their own home.

For a career as a market researcher you’ll need good interpersonal and communicative skills not only to be able to communicate with the subjects of market research but also to more senior market research staff to present findings. Motivation and confidence are highly sought after skills in all marketing jobs but certainly for marketing jobs.

Senior market research jobs are concerned with coordinating the entire market research project and then implementing the findings into future marketing campaigns and products.


Qualifications for market research jobs

Some market research jobs require very little in the way of experience or qualifications and can be carried out in the street or in call centres whereas market research analysts will have often gained a degree or other relevant qualification.


Salaries for market research jobs

Salaries for market research jobs vary but entry level marketing jobs can pay anywhere between £15,000 and £18,000 pa depending on the job role. Senior level market research jobs can pay £50k+ pa.

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