Market Analyst jobs will usually require the collection and analysis of data to detail and find out about product and service markets (both potential and existing ones).

It is the responsibility of the people in marketing analysis jobs to scope out competitors of a company and monitor them.

To achieve this properly it is necessary to research the conditions or any changes of the market as a whole in the sectors and industries that could directly or indirectly affect sales.

As well as this, anyone looking to fill a market analyst jobs position would need to be able to foresee future developments of the market and their effect on sales. Specific market investigations could also be necessary.


Traits that marketing analysis jobs require are:

• Researching skills

• Attention to detail

• Articulation

• Work to targets

• Professionalism

• Good organisation skills

• Work well under pressure

• Presentation skills

• Good teamwork


Marketing Analysis Jobs Salaries

Usually, the typical salary market analyst jobs offer is between £20,000 and £40,000. However, this does depend on the size and nature of the organisation.

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