Event marketing jobs can be very fun and rewarding; especially when it comes to the time of the event and all your hard work has paid off. Those with event marketing jobs can end up meeting all sorts of different people and carrying out hugely different tasks. To find out about jobs in event marketing, read on.


Event Marketing Job Info

  • Event marketing refers to the process of making sure that the general public are aware of, and want to visit an event. This could be a concert, a festival, a charity event, a play etc., the list really is endless. The types of event marketing job roles will vary somewhat depending on what sort of event you are marketing for.
  • There are a number of ways that those with event marketing jobs go about event marketing. This could include radio, TV, online and print advertising to name a few. Modern event marketing jobs include making full use of social media sites and viral advertising campaigns to increase awareness and ticket sales.
  • There are a number of personal qualities that are required to be successful in event marketing jobs. Firstly, the individual with the event marketing job needs to have excellent communicative and interpersonal skills to be able to effectively form relationships with potential clients. Confidence is the key to success in event marketing jobs.
  • Experience is often required for event marketing jobs that are promoting larger events as there can be a lot of work and planning involved, something which experience of previous marketing campaigns will help you with tremendously. Junior event marketing positions will often involve things such as coordinating online campaigns, undertaking admin jobs and assisting more senior event marketing staff where required
  • Event marketing jobs will often require a relevant degree (such as media studies/marketing/business studies etc.) and/or previous experience in an event marketing job depending on what sort of event marketing position you are applying for.
  • The average salaries for event marketing jobs can vary but generally, those with junior event marketing jobs should expect a salary in the region of £15k – £18k while those with more senior event marketing jobs can earn upwards of £25k pa. You can search for event marketing jobs here on Simply Marketing Jobs

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