It’s one of the most glamorous jobs in marketing – promotions jobs can be a lot of fun and of great benefit to a business looking to make an impression on the market. The job can change on a daily basis, from coordinating PR strategies to organising events.

To learn more about what a job in promotions entails, read the information below.


Jobs in Promotions – Daily Tasks and Work Overview

The PR Aspect of Promotions

  • Planning and executing company PR strategies – both for trade (B2B) and consumer (B2C)
  • Fielding enquiries from the media and general public
  • Drafting and mailing press releases
  • Analysing and responding to media coverage relating to the employer
  • Taking responsibility for all company  publicity initiatives
  • Managing negative PR calmly and effectively
  • Carrying out market research to ensure a business is being pitched correctly
  • Presenting and pitching at trade conferences
  • Coordinating product launches
  • Exploiting the latest marketing and social networking techniques to ensure a business or product reaches the widest possible audience


The Event Organisation Aspect of Promotions

  • Researching the calendar for event opportunities relating to both the trade and the consumer
  • Ensuring event budgets are correctly managed
  • Booking pitches at individual events
  • Cooperating with event organisers to establish event requirements
  • Drafting event proposals and organising staff to manage event days
  • Adhering to all health and safety legislation in relation to an event and ensuring all insurance policies are followed
  • Selling exhibition space, sponsorship, and making considerations over layout (when hosting the event)
  • Preparing marketing paraphernalia (such as brochures, cards and freebies) to last for the duration of the event
  • Organising media packs
  • Arranging the clean-up operation and a briefing post-event


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