Market research jobs entail the collection and analysis of information for organisations including businesses, charities and the government. Most of the time market research vacancies are found from specialist agencies that supply the service to their clients. However, it is also possible to find marketing research jobs within a company itself. By analysing the collected data and opinions of audiences, researchers inform social, economic and political decisions. If you are thinking of applying to market research vacancies, see the following guide for more information.

It is common to find that marketing research jobs will work in one particular sector. By specialising in one area, their understanding of the client’s industry is heightened. There are two types of research used in this type of job, with most researchers working in one of the other:
•    Quantitative – gathering and analysing statistics through the use of questionnaires
•    Qualitative – understanding peoples’ attitudes and motivation through interviews and focus groups.


Market Research Vacancies – The Work Involved

The work in market research jobs can vary greatly, but generally includes the following:
•    Liaising with clients to agree on research projects
•    Researching topics
•    Commissioning research and writing briefs
•    Creating and distributing surveys/questionnaires
•    Moderating focus groups
•    Conducting surveys
•    Using statistical software
•    Monitoring research progress
•    Interpreting collected data to find patterns and solutions
•    Creating reports and presenting the findings to clients
•    Advising clients on how to utilise the information gathered form research
•    Managing budgets

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